Euston OfficeSpace provides some of best opportunities for new Businesses in all of London

22 Jun

The city of Euston is quickly becoming one of the premier places for new businesses to settle down and open up shop.

Euston has several distinct qualities that make it desirable to company’s looking to acquire new office space in the Greater London area.

The first is that Euston provides a healthy dose of the accessibility and traffic of a major city, without the hyper-inflated prices of office space on the London shoreline.


The main feature that people will recognize about Euston is its eponymous rail and tube station, the third busiest in all of England. This makes it a central hub for travelers going to and from Suffolk, Glasgow, the London Zoo, or Hyde and Regents Park.

You will find a variety of Euston office space that should be suitable to fit whatever your needs may be. From the massive and modern Euston tower, to the more classical and decorative Mabledon Place.

There are also smaller cafe sized office spaces available along Gloucester and Euston road.

Most offices in Euston are very flexible with leasing, space utilization and meeting rooms/common space. Within our experience, most landlords permit 24 hour access with on-site security. This provides peace of mind to leaseholders and also allows continuing functioning of your business even in emergency situations.

What you will have to take into account is the extent of the add-on services you will be needing for your business. You will have to decide if the multi-million dollar telecom and broadband systems of Euston tower are worth the hefty price you will pay for your lease, or if you can get by with Skype alone.

Other factors that add into the cost of office space in Euston are in house reception, secretarial support, large boardrooms, and on site car parking. Generous parking should be heavily considered in your decision, as traffic in the Euston rush hour can become all but unbearable.

Other available areas for renting can include the multiplicity of offices on Tottenham court, or the smaller offices on Bolsover, Devonshire, or Titchfield St.

With premier office space in Euston you will have several distinct benefits that no other place in London can enjoy.

Euston Office Spaces

The first is the gorgeous views and close proximity to Regents park, one of the most up-kept and popular tourist destinations in London.

The second is the immediate access to the Euston Tube and rail station, allowing for easy foot travel to and from work, and around to the sights and attractions of the surrounding London area.

The third, and most important, is that Easton’s commercial district is actively growing. With new constructions under way around Regents park, there are sure to be more and more opportunities to network and trade with surrounding local businesses that are also taking advantage of Euston’s discounted lease rates.

Overall, Euston provides one of the most stable and generous offers for business owners looking to open up new office space in London. You may want to act quickly however, as London’s best kept secret may not stay so for long.


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