Ideas to find Perfect OfficeSpace

30 Jul

Office space can affect staff in various ways; it can lead to high performance or poor performance, which in turn affects the entire business. Every staff member desires to work in a perfect office, with an environment that inspires them to work. While external factors can influence their work, internal factors such as office space also has great impacts on their productivity.

Office space ideas-factors to consider:

There are several factors that every entrepreneur should consider when searching for a perfect office space. these include:


The location of your business should be easily accessible by public and private means. Different employees may wish to use different modes of transport, such as train, bus, bicycle or private cars. Ensure that it is accessible to either of these means. The place should also have sufficient supply of essential amenities such as water, financial institutions, electricity, food, medical facilities and office supplies. It is also important to base your operations in a city that has a good reputation and a safe neighbourhood.

The building structure

Before you decide to lease the space, check whether the structures of the building are in order. The windows, doors and other facilities should be in working order. A working lift and good lighting within the corridors are essential for safety purposes. The age of the building also matters; do not move into a building that is too old to bear your weight. If it is a storey building, ensure that it has met all safety requirements.

In addition, consider things such as the history of the building, reception, and out-of-hour access. Ask questions such as; has it ever been broken into, caught fire or collapsed? How are the people sitting at the reception desk – are they friendly or are they likely to send your clients away? Will you be able to access the building round the clock without any major incidences or security threats? Finally, it is good to move into a building that is already complete and has no construction plans in the near future as this can disrupt business.

Utilities present

Remember that you will be spending most of your time at the office. You need to make it a safe haven for you and your staff. Essential utilities are a must. Fr instance, there is need for a toilet inside the building. Sufficient packing space will be required by yourself, your employees and clients. Other utilities such as internet, janitorial services and showers for those who exercise at break time. There should also be good cell phone reception to facilitate communication.

The space

Your office has its own requirements, and the size of the rental premise matters a lot. The available space should be a perfect fit for your office requirements. It should be large enough to accommodate your staff and equipment. Hire a professional office design company to assist with the test fitting process, or manually measure the space and compare with the estimate of required space.

It should be free from external noise as well as internal echoes. Check the acoustics at different times of the day to ensure that your employees will be able to work without distractions all day long. Whether there is a crusade outside, a sales promotion campaign going on at the shopping centre, or a disco at the nearby bar, ensure that these noises do not disturb your workers.

Ensure that you have room for growth. The layout should match your needs in a cost-effective manner, and also leave room for expansion. If expansion of the office space is not possible, ensure that there s flexibility; that you have freedom to move when business grows or downsizes.




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