Top 3 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Business Office Spaces in London

20 Dec

When it comes to Christmas, owning an office or store in the busy London streets, can be a great time, as you look at the most modern decorating ideas that will not only bring festive cheers to your office employees, but make your customers and clients feel jolly too! Christmas decoration ideas for business office spaces in London can range from the more traditional in terms of style and colour, or they can be extremely trendy and modern. The look you prefer all depends on what type of business you have, and whereabouts in London you are located. Main streets such as Piccadilly, Oxford, Harley, Kensington High Street, Camden High Street, Portobello Road, Savile Row and various others give businesses the opportunity to go all about with decorations when it comes to Christmas.

Here are the top 3 Christmas decoration ideas for business office spaces in London that are easy to pull off, that are very attractive, that do not distract or detract from work productivity, and that appeal to customers.

Modern Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is a simple, yet very effective way to decorate your office, and most of the time, this will suffice as your only form of Christmas décor. The trick to pulling off a remarkable Christmas tree is to decorate it like a designer and choose a colour scheme or theme. Firstly look at what your business is about. If you are a music production office, how about a funky Christmas tree that utilises hanging music notes, and CD’s as decoration. You can choose to do a red and white tree, which will be very visually appealing.

Another modern Christmas tree that designers love is the simplistic LED lit ones. This requires no decoration whatsoever, and looks extremely funky and beautiful. You can choose from the simple white LED lit trees, and you can even get a bigger impact by lining up a row of them in your office windows. You can also go for the multicolour LED tree which will take the predominant place in your office.

Other modern color choices for Christmas decorations include Sage, mauve, antique gold, turquoise, pink, maroon, copper, blue and teal.

Hanging Decorations

For most offices, any table decor or strings of tinsel around work spaces often get in the way and start to become messy as the season progresses. Instead, create a stunning effect by bunching Christmas baubles together in a long hanging ornament which you can hang from the ceiling above each work station or randomly around the office. You can also go for modern colours like pink, sage, and teal, or light blue and silver. You can always go for the colours that are in your logo too.

This is one of the hottest ideas for Christmas office decoration in London and many people nowadays prefer to use small amounts of large, bold decor as opposed to cramming lots of little decorations into the space.

Christmas Lights


One of the best Christmas decoration ideas for business office spaces in London is to use lots of lights. The new tiny battery operated LED lights are perfect for office windows and the curtain net lights are easy to install and have a striking overall effect before you have even done any other decorating.

These are the top 3 Christmas decoration ideas for business office spaces in London that will have the biggest impact and make your work environment exceptionally fun and welcoming for the festive season.


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