Ideas to find Perfect OfficeSpace

30 Jul

Office space can affect staff in various ways; it can lead to high performance or poor performance, which in turn affects the entire business. Every staff member desires to work in a perfect office, with an environment that inspires them to work. While external factors can influence their work, internal factors such as office space also has great impacts on their productivity.

Office space ideas-factors to consider:

There are several factors that every entrepreneur should consider when searching for a perfect office space. these include:


The location of your business should be easily accessible by public and private means. Different employees may wish to use different modes of transport, such as train, bus, bicycle or private cars. Ensure that it is accessible to either of these means. The place should also have sufficient supply of essential amenities such as water, financial institutions, electricity, food, medical facilities and office supplies. It is also important to base your operations in a city that has a good reputation and a safe neighbourhood.

The building structure

Before you decide to lease the space, check whether the structures of the building are in order. The windows, doors and other facilities should be in working order. A working lift and good lighting within the corridors are essential for safety purposes. The age of the building also matters; do not move into a building that is too old to bear your weight. If it is a storey building, ensure that it has met all safety requirements.

In addition, consider things such as the history of the building, reception, and out-of-hour access. Ask questions such as; has it ever been broken into, caught fire or collapsed? How are the people sitting at the reception desk – are they friendly or are they likely to send your clients away? Will you be able to access the building round the clock without any major incidences or security threats? Finally, it is good to move into a building that is already complete and has no construction plans in the near future as this can disrupt business.

Utilities present

Remember that you will be spending most of your time at the office. You need to make it a safe haven for you and your staff. Essential utilities are a must. Fr instance, there is need for a toilet inside the building. Sufficient packing space will be required by yourself, your employees and clients. Other utilities such as internet, janitorial services and showers for those who exercise at break time. There should also be good cell phone reception to facilitate communication.

The space

Your office has its own requirements, and the size of the rental premise matters a lot. The available space should be a perfect fit for your office requirements. It should be large enough to accommodate your staff and equipment. Hire a professional office design company to assist with the test fitting process, or manually measure the space and compare with the estimate of required space.

It should be free from external noise as well as internal echoes. Check the acoustics at different times of the day to ensure that your employees will be able to work without distractions all day long. Whether there is a crusade outside, a sales promotion campaign going on at the shopping centre, or a disco at the nearby bar, ensure that these noises do not disturb your workers.

Ensure that you have room for growth. The layout should match your needs in a cost-effective manner, and also leave room for expansion. If expansion of the office space is not possible, ensure that there s flexibility; that you have freedom to move when business grows or downsizes.




Euston OfficeSpace provides some of best opportunities for new Businesses in all of London

22 Jun

The city of Euston is quickly becoming one of the premier places for new businesses to settle down and open up shop.

Euston has several distinct qualities that make it desirable to company’s looking to acquire new office space in the Greater London area.

The first is that Euston provides a healthy dose of the accessibility and traffic of a major city, without the hyper-inflated prices of office space on the London shoreline.


The main feature that people will recognize about Euston is its eponymous rail and tube station, the third busiest in all of England. This makes it a central hub for travelers going to and from Suffolk, Glasgow, the London Zoo, or Hyde and Regents Park.

You will find a variety of Euston office space that should be suitable to fit whatever your needs may be. From the massive and modern Euston tower, to the more classical and decorative Mabledon Place.

There are also smaller cafe sized office spaces available along Gloucester and Euston road.

Most offices in Euston are very flexible with leasing, space utilization and meeting rooms/common space. Within our experience, most landlords permit 24 hour access with on-site security. This provides peace of mind to leaseholders and also allows continuing functioning of your business even in emergency situations.

What you will have to take into account is the extent of the add-on services you will be needing for your business. You will have to decide if the multi-million dollar telecom and broadband systems of Euston tower are worth the hefty price you will pay for your lease, or if you can get by with Skype alone.

Other factors that add into the cost of office space in Euston are in house reception, secretarial support, large boardrooms, and on site car parking. Generous parking should be heavily considered in your decision, as traffic in the Euston rush hour can become all but unbearable.

Other available areas for renting can include the multiplicity of offices on Tottenham court, or the smaller offices on Bolsover, Devonshire, or Titchfield St.

With premier office space in Euston you will have several distinct benefits that no other place in London can enjoy.

Euston Office Spaces

The first is the gorgeous views and close proximity to Regents park, one of the most up-kept and popular tourist destinations in London.

The second is the immediate access to the Euston Tube and rail station, allowing for easy foot travel to and from work, and around to the sights and attractions of the surrounding London area.

The third, and most important, is that Easton’s commercial district is actively growing. With new constructions under way around Regents park, there are sure to be more and more opportunities to network and trade with surrounding local businesses that are also taking advantage of Euston’s discounted lease rates.

Overall, Euston provides one of the most stable and generous offers for business owners looking to open up new office space in London. You may want to act quickly however, as London’s best kept secret may not stay so for long.

Go For a Serviced Office Setup to Manage Your Office Budget Wisely

14 Feb

Since last two years I have been working as an expert author and editor at Office Space in town. As part of my passion to provide useful information to people and business who are looking for office space, in this article I am going to share some tips on how to optimize your office space efficiently.

There has been a considerable and remarkable change in the availability of office space and its acquisition by the business owners in the past 10-15 years’ span of time. Business units have been cropping up in and around the cities and towns irrespective of their size but most of them aren’t wisely investing according to their needs.

Serviced offices are indeed in great demand now as they are highly economic and offer wide variety of features that are flexible to change according to your business needs. Thus the multiple benefits of these spaces like; tenants shared access to amenities such as IT infrastructure, meeting rooms, reception and utility rooms can help the business owners pool the funds towards hiring professionals rather paying high rents to a traditional office.

Several businesses generally focus on possessing highly skilled manpower resources and a grand office premises in prime business locations of cities and towns. But in today’s world, both corporate and small business entrepreneurs are mainly looking for employing the most beneficial manpower resources to their business than leaning towards the materialistic ownership of office space. So, investing wisely on skilled personnel, along with the most convenient office location has become an essential criterion in this competitive and fast growing business world. Because a good suitable office space would not only minimize the office expenses, it will also favor in managing the funds for selecting new skilled employees to your business needs.

No longer is the ownership of grand offices a prime attraction of asset in today’s business model.  However, majority of businesses don’t consider this fact. With considerable development in the real estate business, venturing into facilitating with already furnished and fully equipped office space is highly recommended. Because, to meet vivid demands and needs of your business a serviced office space is the best choice not only to save your business expenses but it can also compensate the amount that you will need to pay for your employees.

As the roots of a business set up or an establishment of a corporate lies on the wise selection of employees and the perseverance of the entrepreneur, serviced offices help businesses to set up offices at a comfortable zone to their employees. Subsequently employees in such well accompanied environment will work better which is good for the both employees and to the business.

However, similar to mushrooms springing up in meadows, serviced office spaces for lease options are also emerging in hundreds and thousands catering various needs of business with any size. So, take care to do some research online/offline and find the best serviced office space that suits your business needs.

Tips to Manage Your Office Space for Maximizing Office Productivity

10 Feb

Even though businesses spend thousands of dollars to manage their office space, many businesses fail to use it efficiently. It is no more an option for businesses to escape from this situation. So every small – medium and Big firms are finding ways to perfectly use their office space.

Set up Virtual Tools – It is not a surprise that most businesses waste on leaving a space empty for meeting rooms most of the day only to occupy it a small portion. Virtual meetings and conference calls are indeed great ways to conduct the modern day meeting as they save your time and money. They are not only a less expensive replacement for physical meetings but also a superior one because networking and exchanging information through virtual tools is more easy and effective. By using virtual tools you can literally save 50% to 80% of expenses you normally spend on traditional meetings.

Implement Technology – Office space accommodation is the second highest costs in most office-based organizations, with salaries comes in first place. This is certainly an age of flexible working supported by new technologies. There are so many technologies available to offices to help streamline operations and take up less space. For example, if your office space is mess up with shelving, cupboards, filing cabinets, etc.. to store documents you could replace them by using an electronic storage device. Use of electronic devices is indeed the best option for most business processes and to reduce communication costs.

Open-Plan Procedure– Cubicles just take too much space and cost a lot of money to both purchase and set up. Especially for small businesses workplace should be a sociable place where knowledge and expertise can be easily shared. Since many years many companies have been adopting the open-plan workplaces.  Though there are some problems associated with an open office environment, they have many benefits in terms of creating an ease and enhancing workspace communication, flow of ideas, and information can be quickly spread.

Flexible Furniture – Businesses are now focusing on creating smaller work spaces. The type of office furniture used in a workspace plays an important role how you are consuming it. For example you can use rolling computer tables as they can be pushed to any corner of your office or a simple L shaped computer desk would do and save some space.

When you implement all above steps in a thoughtful and trained manner, the results should address your objectives of having a more efficient and productive office space.

Benefits of Serviced Offices for Your Business

8 Dec

Businesses in general find it difficult to find a valuable office space for their ventures which meet their needs. Either you are in this situation or if your business is facing financial difficulties to maintain/run present office, serviced office space can save your money.

Let us now look into the top benefits your business can have, choosing a serviced office space.

Easy to Utilize: Unlike to traditional offices, serviced offices offer temporary renting arrangements and short term leases. These offices are ready-made and hence you can use them instantly without putting efforts to purchase and manage office facilities which will be required for your business. Thus it could be the best way forward for your venture and save your time.

Low Costs: We know, now keeping costs low is more important than ever. When you lease a traditional office space it is typically measured in ‘square feet’. The office equipment, telephone lines and all other office supplies are all extra charges. But serviced offices are charged ‘price per workstation’ which is a much cheaper way than traditional office, where you pay charge for entire office space. You will get all basic facilities and essentials such as telephone answering, IT support, broadband, take messages, often take orders from you clients all at a minimal cost. Because serviced offices can be chosen to pay for hours/week or for a month, you can keep track of all your monthly office expenses. Another advantage of serviced office is, you get all services included in the monthly fees that will not vary.

Ideal for Small Businesses: developing from the above points, because serviced offices are easy to utilize and low cost, they are ideal for small businesses. Renting an office space can be a problem for startups and small business owners. Serviced offices are a boon for sole proprietor businesses, or other types of small companies because they offer substantial benefits like: genuine business address, minimal capital outlay, flexibility in contract, ease of move, minimal rental deposits etc..

My Conclusion: Serviced office is a great way to cut your overheads, save your Time and get professional image for your business. Either you are a big company or a start-up; serviced office space can be utilized as a perfect office space solution to the growth your business.

A special thanks to internet technology, as it is now possible to compare various rental options to find a serviced space in top cities like London too. 🙂