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Space To Work: Finding Office Space In London

19 Jan

When it comes to office space, London should be an area that inspires confidence in your clients and productivity in your employees. Moving to a new space can be difficult, of course, even for those who are quite used to making the move. If you want to find a better space, you might want to consider these helpful tips that often escape the notice of even the most seasoned of corporate movers.


Reviewing Access

Access to and from your office space should be a primary concern, especially if you have employees working at all hours of the day. Try to make sure that you understand the security implications of having various workers coming and going from the space, and make sure that you know the security precautions that will be put in place to allow you to keep your employees working on schedule. This might mean asking about building security in some areas or arranging for your own system in others, so make sure that you know what needs to be done before you agree to a lease. Once you have figured out whether or not you feel comfortable with the security situation in your new space, you might want to consider a new factor – whether or not it can fit your growth needs.

Considering Growth

Any good businessperson knows that a good office must be slightly larger than necessary. What many forget, though, is that growth is in terms of not only office machinery and employees but also the ability of the space to keep up with regulations. As your office becomes larger, you may need to install additional employee restrooms or make particular changes to help individuals who are not able.  You should always make sure that your company’s space is large enough either to handle new regulatory necessities or that it has the ability to be expanded in a time of need. Should the space fit, it will soon be time to consider the cost – but you should always be careful to consider whether or not a deal is too good to be true.

The Landlord Offers

While London working space is often at a premium, there are spaces that are rather hard to let.  If an office has sat on the market for a significant period, many proprietors will begin to offer potential tenants any number of enticements to enter into a contract. As a rule, you should always take a moment to consider the nature of the offer versus the space presented. If you look at a lovely space and the landlord is offering a significant rent reduction or promises of special services, you might want to look deeper into the property’s history. Likewise, you should always be careful to make sure that any enticements given are actually written out in the lease — a promise, after all, is only worthwhile if it is in writing.


Why Renting Office Space In London Could Enhance Your Business

30 Oct

For most entrepreneurs, a tight budget means that their choice of business premises is limited between a home office and a rented office space. In the current economic climate, many business professionals consider the initial low cost and lack of commute when working from home to be the preferable option. However, with rented offices becoming more and more popular among start-up organisations, it seems that a rented office space can offer several key benefits over staying at home and far more scope for businesses to succeed and compete.

The Benefits Of Choosing To Rent Office Space

London is an unrivaled centre for commerce in the UK, and it has excellent transport links to other key destinations around Britain. If your aim is to find big clients and significant investment, there is no better destination. Unsurprisingly, having access to London’s many amenities comes at a cost, and the rental prices often reflect this. Fortunately however, the financial savings that can be made when sharing important facilities and equipment in a communal office space mean that the real cost of renting in London is far less than many people think.

No matter what area of business you work in, presenting a professional image at all times is crucial. If you need to meet up with clients or customers, maintaining the appearance of an authority business when working in the spare room of a home is a difficult task. With meeting rooms, reception services, and function suites included, renting space in an office creates the impression of a more established company.

Working within a thriving office space with other personnel is a great way to stay motivated and boost productivity. The work based environment of an office provides fewer distractions from visitors or household chores, and being surrounded by other staff removes the isolation of working from home.

How To Find The Best Serviced Office Space

There are a wide range of serviced office spaces available to choose from in London, and finding the best option for your business can be a difficult task. The following are some important considerations to take into account:

– Facilities, Resources and Staff

Different contracts will include different facilities within the terms of rent. Meeting rooms, broadband, phone calls, secretarial services, IT resources, and trained reception staff are all expensive to invest in, but they can be included free with some rental agreements. Consider exactly what your business needs before you start searching for prospective offices, and ensure that you are not paying extra for facilities that you do not need.

– The Building

The location of your office building will have perhaps the biggest impact of all on its cost. Finding the right balance between the benefits of a city central setting and an affordable price is a key decision to make. No matter where your building is situated, it is vital to make a specific agreement about which rooms within it you and your staff have access to. Occasionally access to toilets, kitchens, storage, and function rooms must be negotiated in addition.

– The Facility Management Company
During your lease there are likely to be many occasions when you need to have contact with the facility management team responsible for maintaining your office, both when setting up your work place and if problems occur. As a result, finding a team that is thorough and easy to work with is beneficial.

– Cost and Payment

With such great travel connections, investment opportunities, and global interest, choosing to rent office space in London always comes at a price. Fortunately, the rental market offers many different types of payment methods and solutions to suit your circumstances. You can choose between a long-term or short-term contract, and you can also decide if you want to pay hourly, quarterly, or yearly for your use.

Renting office space in London enables entrepreneurs and business start-ups to get the flexibility they need. Having the ability to expand and adapt your contract to reflect your situation can give you the peace of mind that home and traditional leased offices cannot. With such a wide range of offices to choose from in London, you are certain to find one with facilities, location, a payment plan, and a price that is right for your organization.